Evervue SP 220 Bathroom TV


A complete mirror when the TV is turned off,  a  high quality TV when the TV is turned on.  Complete with external speakers,  wall box for recessed mount and a waterproof remote control. The special hardened mirror glass is scratch proof and very durable. Also very suitable for commercial applications. TV's can only be shipped by UPS Ground.






The Evervue SP Bathroom HDTV gives you guaranteed exceptional HD picture quality without sacrificing style and design. The Evervue SP HDTV is fully waterproof, equipped with an ultra-bright LED screen that is fog-free and protected by a strong, tempered mirror glass front. This waterproof HDTV is a complete mirror when turned off and a high definition television when turned on. Screen sizes are offered in 15.4”, 18.5”, 22” and 32”. It holds our highest waterproof IPX7 rating and has a unique low voltage system, integrating the best in safety and elegance for enhancing any bathroom décor. This along with its floating waterproof remote control, waterproof external speakers and full mirror glass front are what sets the SP HDTV apart from our other models. No matter the design of your bathroom, the SP HDTV ensures a luxurious mirror finish that you will enjoy for many years to come. The Evervue waterproof SP HDTV is truly a stunning upgrade to any bathroom!


The Evervue SP models are great for commercial installations. Already installed in many hotels and luxury apartments worldwide, our waterproof HDTV’s have been featured on HGTV, DIY and Destination America network’s most popular TV shows. All Evervue SP Series HDTV’s come standard with a 1 year in-factory warranty and extended warranty programs available upon request. We offer a wide variety of customizations for hotels and other hospitality industry professionals such as the company logo displayed upon TV turning on. (Subject to minimum order quantities).



Installation has never been this easy! Our TV’s come with an aluminum rustproof back box that is recessed wherever you decide to place your SP Series HDTV. Secure the back box to the wall and simply slide the TV unit into the wall box. The full mirror glass front closes against the wall (tiles) providing a seamless finish. Complete the process by sealing the edge of the mirror glass front to the wall with a smooth stroke of silicon glue and you are done!

The Evervue SP Series HDTV includes all the necessary inputs such as HDMI, AV and RF and has a built in digital multi-language tuner allowing you to view all available channels in high definition. All installation and specification guides are available for easy download on our website and installation technical support is available via phone and email.


Imagine if you could browse the internet, watch the latest movies in HD, check Facebook, Twitter and email, play Angry Birds, even read your eBooks all from the comfort of your bathtub! And there is so much more: Download Apps, watch live internet TV and Radio, Movies, YouTube and chat with your friends. Everything you do on your Android phone, you can now do on a large screen Evervue TV.

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