Spectrum Smart TV Display;

There Is So Much To See:

Display a variety of artwork with ease to match your mood or occasion.

Create your own rotating collection or show an online photo album. Even sign up with Museums worldwide for virtual exploration.

Highlight your family photos with the special consideration they deserve. Showcase all of your favorite moments as you once did with old style pictures frames, but now with an Ultra High Definition display.

Watch Entertainmentin style: Decora is also a fully functional smart TV.With the latest Android TV included and pre-installed, you can use all the Apps you already know such as Netflix or Hulu.

Do more: Connect Apple TV, Amzon Fire TV, or a satellite set top box for all of the latest applications.

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard.

Spectrum is easily controlled so you can have a gallerystyle experiencenestled on your favoritechair or couch.

Spectrum is mastered wirelessly with a keyboard, which is included with your purchase.

Screen Dimmer Function.

Spectrum anticipates your arrival with a touch of splendor, spontaneously lighting up when you turn on the light. The screen will then dim when it gets darker in the room, and will completely turn black at night. The user can enable and disable this feature if preferred.

More Details…

Invisible Power Cable

Optionally, Spectrum offers a 20’/6 meter“invisible” power cable. Simply stick the super thin cable on the wall and paint it. You can place under wall paper, carpet or wooden flooring; depending on your space. Because all Decora TV’s are powered with 24 volt, this is completely safe.

Set up in 3 steps:

1. Hang the Spectrum on the wall

2. Connect power

3. Connect to Wi-Fi and enjoy your viewing experience.

With Spectrum, every room flourishes.

Use in the bedroomas asubtle way to watch TV or in yourliving roomas an interactive Art display.

Restaurant décor is upgraded in minutes to whatever inspires the right dinner ambiance. With Spectrum, your vision becomes a reality for every occasion.

Gap Free wall mount

Spectrum frames are gap free and close nicely against the wall; there is 1/12” / 2mm opening between the frame and the wall for ventilation and audio quality.

More Details…

Matte front glass

The front of the Spectrum is made of gallery quality, non-reflective, matte glass. This glass creates a deep, clear color on the 4K resolution screen. It is also carefully tempered, making it very strong and durable. The glass reflection is scratch resistant and easy to clean for daily use.

Easy to access SD card slot.

Spectrum has an SD card slot on the bottom; so that you can manually transfer your pictureswith ease. The SD card is still a popular method to transfer pictures from a computer but Spectrum also offers wireless transfer of pictures, if preferred.

Built-in speakers.

Spectrum is equipped with 2 speakers that are not visible from the outside. Now viewers can focus on the beautiful images captured on display rather than cumbersome speakers.

Choose your Spectrum

Choose the size:

Spectrum is available with screen sizes of 32”, 40”, 50”, 60” and 75”. The overall size of a Spectrum is larger than just the visible screen panel, so please refer to the specifications on the bottom of this page for overall dimensions.

Choose the Orientation

Spectrum is available in landscape and portrait orientation. If you intend to use Decora as a TV, then landscape orientation is highly recommended.

Choose your frame

Decora is available in different frames styles for every taste and color scheme.Choose from Black Walnut wood in its beautiful natural brown finish, or choose a contemporary black, beige, brown or brushed aluminum frame for a signature look.

Spectrum Smart TV Display         –        Specifications

Spectrum Model Spectrum 320 Spectrum 400 Spectrum 500 Spectrum 600 Spectrum 750
Diagonal Screen Size 32” 40” 50” 60” 75”
Screen Resolution 2160×3840          (4K Ultra High Definition)
TV Brightness 480-500 nit. In combinattion with the high quality non-reflective matte glass,  superior picture quality
Material TV Housing Aluminum, power coated.
Front material Heat strengthened, non-glare, matte  glass
Power 24 volt DC, 8-14 amp. World universal power supply 100-240V included.    UL listed.  CE Approved
Internal speakers 2 x 12 Watt internal speakers
Inputs 2 x HMDI   (CEC, ARC and EDID), IR, power, USB
Overall dimensions cm 92.5cm x 61.8cm x 4.8cm 103.0cm x 65.8cm x 8cm 131.8cm x 83.8cm x 4.8cm 148.8cm x 93.8cm x 4.8cm 187.0cm x 115.0cm x 4.8cm
Overall dimensions inch 36.4 x 24.3 x 1.89″ 40.55 x 25.90 x 1.89″ 51.88 x 32.99 x 1.89″ 58.58 x 36.92 x 1.89″ 73.6 x 45.27 x 1.89″
Standard included 1 x Spectrum unit complete, Smart TV application pre-installed, Wireless Bluetooth keyboard, remote control